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The Economics Book.pdf.jpg

The Economics Book


Managerial Economics For Dummies - Graham, Robert

Behavioral Economics for Dummies.jpg

Ebook - Behavioral Economics for Dummies by Morris Altman

Statistics and Econometrics.jpg

McGraw-Hill,.Schaum's Outline - Statistics and Econometrics, 2nd Edition.[2002.ISBN0071348522]

Applied Economics - Thinking Beyond Stag

Applied Economics - Thinking Beyond Stage One - T. Sowell (2004) WW

Basic Economics, A Common Sense Guide to

Basic Economics, A Common Sense Guide to the Economy


Modern Principles of Economics (3rd Ed)(gnv64)


International Economics (8th Ed)(gnv64)

The making of behavioral economics.jpg

Ebook - Misbehaving - The Making of Behavioral Economics by Richard Thaler

Managerial Economics and Business Strate

Managerial Economics and Business Strategy-7th-edition2


Economics for Dummies 2nd Edition - P. Antonioni (Wiley, 2011)(BBS)


Managerial Economics - Eric Bentzen, Mark Hirschey

A Course in Behavioral Economicsf.jpg

A Course in Behavioral Economics by Assoc Prof Erik Angner George Mason University USA

Risk Analysis in Engineering and Economi

Risk Analysis in Engineering and Economics - Bilal M. Ayyub (CRC, 2003)

Macroeconomics (10th Edition) (Pearson S

Macroeconomics (10th Edition) (Pearson Series in Economics) - Michael Parkin

Economics for Dummies (UK Edition).pdf.j

Economics for Dummies (UK Edition)

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